WFOC MEDIA is a global brand leader in giving voice to and inspiring all women of color and LGBTQIA creators in the media and entertainment industries.



We have your audience! Are you looking for a diverse audience of dedicated and creative film and television lovers? We are the social media platform you are looking for.  Contact Sheree @womenfilmofcolr and let’s create original marketing content for your show or movie that will not only engage our audience but add a unique voice to your brand – catering to a diverse audience, which not only increases awareness but your bottom line.


Sheree L. Ross

Sheree L. Ross is the Founder/CEO of WFOC Media and is an award winning screenwriter, director and author of; Affirming Life: A Daily Meditation and Affirming Business: For Career and Entrepreneurial Excellence. She created WFOC Media to give voice to Women and LGBTQIA Filmmakers of Color through Twitter and IG platforms @womenfilmofcolr, and the Youtube channel WFOC-TV.   She is also a branding and marketing strategist – helping her clients develop brand and marketing strategies for better audience creation and engagement.