Rites and Reason pioneers, 51 year later

University, Providence community reflect on theatre’s 51 year legacy

In December 2019, the ceiling of Churchill House, where the Rites and Reason Theater is located, caved in, after which the University allotted a proper budget to the theater for the first time.
Media by Courtesy Photos | The Brown Daily Herald

By Alex Nadirashvili

October 1, 2021 | 12:01am EDT

At his office desk in Churchill House, Elmo Terry-Morgan ’74, associate professor of Africana Studies and Theater Arts and Performance Studies, rapidly types away at a computer which spouts music and voice clips right back at him. 

Every inch of his office is covered with pieces of Rites and Reason Theatre history. A multi-colored couch is littered with posters for the 2018 “Black Lavender Experience.” His walls are adorned with pictures of now-passed friends and idols, including a family portrait of George Houston Bass. Boxes of unexplored theater history sit beneath his L-shaped desk. 

Terry-Morgan is the artistic director at the Rites and Reason Theatre, a five-decade-old space created to “express the cultural, social, and ideological concerns of the African Diaspora,” according to the Department of Africana Studies website.

To be part of something as historic as the Rites and Reason Theatre “is surreal,” Terry-Morgan said.

Read the rest at: The Brown Daily Herald

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